by Big BIZ da MC

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produced by KingPin da' Composer



(verse 1)
this that fantastic shit, fans are gone ask for it
rosetta wont get it so don't get stoned trying sample it
who’s the man behind the specs, pure bread, bald head
room full of ether beakers mixtures the smell will smack your chest

nerd boy cooking dope, bars, crack laced bong pulls
ass cheeks on the iPhone sweat bouncing that thong cool
garage chemist failed out department dean recognized the drought
couldn’t pass the lab but my conscience gave me a mic and it bailed me out

dreams becoming them nightmares, hunger pains but the cupboards bare
every bit goes to lab results, report findings only 12 there
failed experiments ….fuck get back at it
change the formula mind blown mind control now look at me y'all my bitch

puppet strings what that brings clear head promethazine
lean lean concoctions ghost face like i am Scream
on the screen a new procedure, the audience finally here too
they couldn't read this english mathematics they'd swear its hebrew

call me dr run a muck
biz is sick as fuck
y'all don't know what y'all done done
y'all wanted war I'm having fun
biz calm down don't mix it up don't press that button
please calm down
i pressed that junt I'm on the hunt
this mad science this math & science
biohazard wreaking havoc
you hear this flow its very toxic
don't listen to him his so dramatic
biz calm down don't mix it up don't press that button
please calm down
yo i pressed that junt I'm on the hunt

(verse 2)
red button controls the world, alters fate aint that great
power surging through the circuit breakers, lil red b swear ill break her
projector screen single cells protection brings bigger things
no peace prize no sleep rides all night highs in inner thighs

watch the reaction rise goggles on protect your eyes
family thinks ill lose my mind locked in no sunrise
test my product on the lab rats watch em bounce like titty tat
eyes glow fangs flare busting out like 12 gat

Rah, chest burst insides reveal
SUCCESS the heart has become based filled
now on the block the whips are lining up just to feel this good dope
S on my shit cause it serves hope Mess on her chest cause she feeling the flow

Now its always a knock at the door, but its repeat customers
i want to evolve my clientele, back in the lab i disappear
fingers itching hands possessed brain steaming
cooking more than fried rice the women leaving cause my demons leaking and started feeding



released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Big BIZ da MC Memphis, Tennessee

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